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Setting up a business in Dubai is tough, time-consuming and expensive, but Wordcraft makes it simple and hassle-free. We offer complete solution for the business setup and company formation in Dubai and other Emirates. Business setup experts at wordcraft, the best business setup consultant in Dubai, are dedicated to help you do your work in the most authentic and professional manner.

Business setup consultant in dubai

As we all know, Dubai, a city and emirate in the United Arab Emirates, is famous for luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture and a lively nightlife scene.Dubai offers a favourable tax environment, a well-educated human resource, access to financial and natural resources, and trading opportunities. Due to its central position and its geographic closeness to countries in the Middle East, Asia, Eastern Europe and Africa, you may be able to reach more than 1 billion potential customers, and that makes Dubai an ideal place to expand your business.

As businesses seek new possibilities to expedite their growth, Dubai is perfectly placed to help companies set up and scale up to thrive in this new normal. Dubai brings people, methods and technology seamlessly collectively to create an agile foundation for every industry. So if you are planning to form a company in Dubai you can contact wordcraft, the best business setup services in dubai, contact us to know more

The United Arab Emirates has been the entrepreneur’s heaven for the past few decades. With a fast-growing globalized economy and the least regulations on business transactions, UAE is attracting investors around the globe. The government of the UAE has always made sure to form tax laws and business set up procedures as simple and investor-friendly as possible which has been advantageous for new entrepreneurs to start off in the country. The best tax exemptions and least complicated company setup procedures make UAE’s industrial sector welcoming to the investors irrespective of the size of their investment potential. From small business owners to multi-national firms thousands of investors have opted for UAE, especially Dubai for their business due to this reason. All you need to set up a business in Dubai is the proposition of your intended business and a good business setup consultant in Dubai, like Wordcraft.

The Emirati business laws are much less complicated than other countries. Even so, being unfamiliar with the right procedure might make a lot of time and resources wasted. It will just add some unnecessary extra steps to your business setup plan which produces nothing but more and more unwanted compilations to the otherwise straight procedure. The business sector in Dubai is categorized based on many criteria, the type and size of the business being the main one. Based on that, the regions in the Emirate are being divided into different areas/zones, each one concentrating on certain types of businesses. For each of these zones, business regulations differ, taxes differ and business set up procedures differ which are decided by independent governing entities solely setup for each zone.

That’s why you need an expert business setup services in Dubai to assist you to get your job done. As a well-managed business consulting firm, we have hired the best and experienced talents to guide you through the whole procedure. We believe that we are obliged to do whatever it takes to help our client’s business thrive in Dubai. We are committed to having the best for you in terms of the quality, promptness, and trustworthiness of the service we deliver. Thus, we try our best to ensure that we attend to all your requirements for company set up. Legal, documentation, accounting & auditing, finding local partners, choosing an office location, PRO services, Company license -whatever it be we will cover it all for you no matter what is the size and nature of your business. We are experienced in providing business consulting services to all types and sizes of companies in the UAE. From setting up a business to post setup requirements we provide our clients with the best-quality, best-suited, fast-track solutions to grow and thrive their business in the country.

We have the expertise and social connections with the right entities to ensure fast and prompt services for your business, without any hassle. We strive to derive the best of everything so that we keep our promise of quality services to our clients. This commitment to perfection has made us the best business setup consultancy and trustworthy to our clients. We don’t just help them set up a company. We collaborate with our clients on a long-term basis, focusing on their exact needs, producing effective solutions that best suit them. We will assist them in everything from choosing the company type to recruitment & visas to payroll & taxes.

With us, our clients have everything super simplified and efficient for them. All they would need is to choose from our packages and have them customized based on their requirements, the rest is upon us. We will save them the time and effort to set up and run a profitable business in Dubai. From our experience assisting several clients from all sectors to start and run successful business ventures across Dubai, we have gained the ability and expertise to choose what is best for you. Our business consulting services are considered the best among the similar firms in Dubai by our clients due to this efficiency we have gained through the experience.

Apart from the excellence of our service, what makes Wordcraft desirable to our clients is cost-effective setup packages. We have different pre-set packages for different types of businesses, which can be customized to suit your exact needs within your budget. We cover almost everything that comes in when setting up a business in Dubai in our packages so that you don’t have to run around or pay extra for any of these requirements. For any additional requirements, depending on the priority and complexity of the task we do it for free/ with a negligible fee under the package. This makes Wordcraft a desirable business setup consultant in Dubai to entrepreneurs with all types of business plans and investment capitals.

The business services we provide:

  • Company formation for Mainland
  • Company formation for Free zones and Offshores
  • Local Sponsor Arrangements
  • MOA and all other Agreements Preparation
  • Intellectual property registration for Patent, Copyright and Trademark
  • Company liquidation services
  • Office Arrangements
  • All types PRO services