Marriage Certificate Attestation in UAE

The marriage certificate is a record/certificate that is created and provided by the public or government department to validate that the couple’s names, the location of the wedding, the date of the wedding, and other data listed in the certificate are accurate and the marriage is recognized as legal by doing marriage certificate attestation in UAE.


The validity of certificates is confirmed by the attestation process. In the UAE, both private and government entities only accept certifications that are duly attested. Certificate Attestation in Dubai is necessary because certificates that are not attested are considered invalid. Marriage Certificate Attestation in UAE is required for using it for various purposes as below:

  • To add your spouse’s name to your passport.
  • To bring your spouse to UAE on a residence visa.
  • To avail of health insurance for your spouse.
  • To obtain your child’s passport.
  • To admit your wife for delivery.
  • To buy a property in joint ownership.
  • To apply for a divorce or separation certificate.

How to Attest Marriage Certificate in UAE

  • Attestation from the relevant department in the home country.
  • MOFA attestation or Ministry of External Affairs Attestation from the home country.
  • UAE Consulate or Embassy verification and legalization from the home country.
  • MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) attestation for the marriage certificate in UAE.

Professional Attestation Service

This certificate attestation is required when you are migrating to live in a foreign country. marriage certificate attestation is quite important because, is necessary to have an attested certificate for sponsoring a family visa, to get a birth certificate for your child’s passport, etc. Being so, you should choose a professional service for getting them attested in the most accurate and trusted way. Wordcraft provides the best Attestation Services in UAE and hosts extensive services in around 30+ countries including India, Pakistan, Philippines, China, and so on.
Points to Remember:

  • The departments do not ask for personal appearance for document verification and attestation. However, if you aren’t handling the attestation of a certificate personally, you’ll need to give an authorization letter to the agency concerned.
  • Depending on the state department engaged in the process, the attestation fee may vary.
  • To use inside the UAE, a marriage certificate must be attested because, without the attestation stamps/seals, local authorities won’t consider the document to be legitimate and legal.
  • There is no requirement for attestation if a marriage certificate was issued locally or in the UAE, especially if it would be utilized locally.

Wordcraft is providing the best marriage certificate attestation services, Do contact us now!

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