An idea can change your life” – it is certainly true if you’re getting investor visa in UAE. But when it comes to setting up a business, an idea alone cannot change your life. You need funds to implement those ideas. At times of delay in getting hold of the necessary funds, your idea cannot be implemented. And that’s a universal truth irrespective of the type or size of the business. There are several funding options available but for the time being, we shall stick to the relevance of investor funds. Getting sufficient funds to kick-start your business can be a tough task, especially for a young entrepreneur.

Another interesting fact is that even though people seek investment from investors, some of them are doubtful about the investor’s “generosity”. They fear that an investor’s funding may compromise their business interest. And therefore, they hesitate to accept the funding. Well, it is not always true considering the benefits that you attain out of investor funding. When it comes to setting up a business in Dubai, the nation attracts foreign investors with enormous business opportunities to develop and flourish. Acquiring an Investor Visa in UAE provides you with the freedom to become a business investor who can enter, stay, get involved in business projects, and exit a nation. Wordcraft is one of the leading business consultants in UAE, which offers impeccable visa services for both individuals and corporates.

Documents Required for Investor Visa in UAE

The following documents are required as part of the Dubai investor visa application if you are investing in or starting a firm on Dubai’s mainland:

  • Memorandum Papers (MOA) as proof of the share of ownership.
  • One photograph on white background.
  • Bank Account IBAN Number of the sponsor.
  • Establishment Card.
  • Partner’s passport copy
  • Partner’s current UAE visa, if applicable.
  • Sponsor’s original Emirates ID.
  • Trade License Copy.

Who can apply for an Investor Visa in Dubai?

• As specified before, anybody who wishes to start a business in the UAE or invest in the UAE market can apply for the Dubai Investor Visa.
• It is crucial to note, however, that each type of visa has distinct rules and regulations depending on the zones in which you may choose to open a business. For instance, the process for a 5-year visa might not be the same as for mainland or off-shore.
• To understand the process better, it is advised to consult an expert to help you throughout the journey.

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