The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a country of opportunity, drawing people from all over the world for business, education, and employment. The equalization of your educational degree in the UAE is an important step that is occasionally overlooked while beginning a journey in this vibrant country. The frequently used term Equivalency certificate in UAE, refers to the acceptance and verification of degrees or certifications earned from overseas educational institutions. This procedure guarantees that foreign degrees meet certain standards of the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, this blog will assist you in comprehending equalization and provide you with all the necessary information, such as how to apply, what paperwork is needed, how long, and how much the processing will take, etc. 

What is Equivalency Certificate in UAE?

An Equivalency Certificate, issued by the UAE’s Ministry of Education, confirms that a degree awarded by a recognized institution outside the UAE meets the country’s academic standards and international education norms.

Many academic and vocational departments require this certificate to validate the authenticity of degrees and certificates.

To stop the use of fake degrees and certificates, this procedure for verifying that a certificate was issued by a non-UAE institution has been put in place. This also applies to certifications obtained through distant or online schooling. However, certificates obtained through open schools, distance learning, or any other academic program unrelated to the UAE educational system will not be equalized.

Who Can Apply for Equivalency Certificate in UAE?

Anybody with an academic credential, including a secondary school diploma, a bachelor’s, master’s, or PhD, can receive this certificate.

Higher Education teaching professions, such as those held by university professors, doctors, and other professionals in scientific subjects, typically require an Equivalency Certificate. This certificate may be necessary for all administrative and teaching staff as well; nevertheless, you must confirm that your position is eligible for this procedure. It is necessary for some professions if you want to pursue employment opportunities in the UAE or want to finish your school. Hence, below are the categories;

Equivalency Certificate for Students

Are you a student, who wants to continue your studies in UAE?  Then an equivalency certificate from your prior educational award will be needed to apply for an intake if you want to continue your education in the United Arab Emirates. 

Certificate Equalization for Teachers Jobs in UAE

You need to get an equivalency certificate for teaching jobs in UAE. Your degree must be equivalency recognized if you intend to teach or join the faculty of a school, college, or university. 

Certificate Equalization for Engineers in Dubai

Applying for equivalency of your engineering degree is a prerequisite for registering for the Society of Engineering card (SOE) if you want to work in the engineering field. The government of Dubai has mandated this. 

Equalization Certificate for Doctors in UAE

An equivalent educational certificate is needed to finish the application process for a medical license from the Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP), the Department of Health (DOH), or the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). As per the UAE government, it is mandatory to get an Equivalency certificate for medical licenses.  

Certificate Equalization for Golden Visa in UAE

An equivalent educational award or certificate is required to be submitted as part of the application procedure of UAE Golden Visa. If you are a person who wants to apply for a UAE golden visa through the professional category, you need to get an equalization certificate for your educational certificate. So, contact us to get an Equalization certificate for Golden visa application

Equivalency Certificate for Foreign nationals 

Are you someone who is trying to get a government job in the UAE? Foreign nationals trying for positions in government offices will probably have to have their degrees equivalented, particularly if they are in technical or scientific fields. 

Documents required for applying for a Genuinity & Equalization in UAE

Please make sure you have the following documents available when you apply for equivalency certificate:

  1. Fully attested certificate needs to be equalized
  2. All Semester marks sheet
  3. Passport copy
  4. Emirates ID copy
  5. Abstract of Thesis (for masters only)
  6. Research paper for (PHD only)
  7. UAE Pass

What is the procedure of Equalization?

Typically, the application procedure entails filling out a form and sending it in with the necessary paperwork.

After that, the Ministry of Education confirms the data the applicant provided. The Ministry will provide the equivalence certificate if the information is verified. Hence, here are the procedures;

Step 1 : Certificate Attestation in UAE

The candidate must attest the educational certificate from their home country as well as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in UAE to proceed with equivalency certificate in UAE. Identically, you will need to get your degree translated if it wasn’t issued in English or Arabic to apply for the equivalence certificate.

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Step 2 : Apply for a Genuinity certificate in UAE

A letter of genuineness is needed to verify that your study was carried out at an approved facility. So, you need to apply for a genuinity certificate by submitting all the documents mentioned above. 

Hence, this process is verifying that your studies at your college or university were conducted at an approved facility. Then the procedure entails correspondence between the Ministry of Education, the college or university, and the UAE embassy or consulate.

Step 3 : Apply for Equalization

After obtaining the genuinity certificate, you can proceed to apply for equalization certificate. The required documents are as follows:

  1. All the documents mentioned above,
  2. Genuinity certificate

So, you can apply for the equivalency certificate through the Ministry of Education’s online portal.

Processing time & cost for Equalization in UAE

The prerequisites and protocols for acquiring an equivalence certificate may differ based on the place of origin of the applicant. Or, it can depend on the university that awarded the degree. Usually, it will take up to 30 days to get a genuinity certificate and 1 working day for an equalization certificate. Moreover, this duration will be different for each country accordingly.

You must pay for a Genuinity Certificate along with government and university charges first. After getting the genuinity certificate, you need to pay for the Equivalency certificate. So, the fee for each university and government will be different, hence the final cost.

How Wordcraft can help you to get Equivalency certificate?

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To authenticate academic credentials from universities outside of the UAE, one must first obtain an Equivalency Certificate there. Hence you can make sure that your academic credentials are acknowledged and recognized in the United Arab Emirates by following the instructions, which include certificate attestation, obtaining a genuinity certificate, applying for an Equivalency Certificate through the Ministry of Education’s portal, and submitting the necessary documents. 

While it may seem complex, understanding the process and seeking professional assistance when needed can make it much more manageable. Wordcraft is here to provide you with the best Equalization services in UAE.