Professional Software localization Services in UAE

Software localization services are the adaption of software, product, or service for specific users who speak languages other than the targeted language. A perfectly translated software or app product has the appearance and feel of one that was created specifically for the target market. Other than the languages software localization or website should follow other factors like technical, formats, graphics, etc.: for getting successful software.
Steps involve:

  • Evaluate the project and content
  • Understanding the culture, technicality, and terminology
  • Determine the tools for a specific project translation
  • Translate into the targeted languages
  • Update size, user interface, text format, etc. if needed
  • Localization of all graphics and scripts, texts, etc.
  • Review and error correction
  • Compilation of the software and testing
  • Quality assurance and project delivery

Why to choose us for software localization services?

Wordcraft provides the best software localization services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and all over UAE through around 150+ languages. In other languages Wordcraft also focused on units of measurement, number formats, address formats, paper sizes, fonts, default font selection, case variations, character sets, sorting, word separation and hyphenation, local laws, copyright concerns, data protection, payment methods, date and time formats, graphics, audios, currency conversion, and taxes are all things that should be considered. Our experts adapt your software to any targeted language like English to Arabic or vice versa.

We provide excellent Software Localization in UAE with Fast delivery and 24*7 customer support.

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