In the dynamic landscape of legal affairs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Power of Attorney (POA) stands as a formidable legal instrument. This document grants an individual or entity the authority to act on behalf of another, and its implications are vast and powerful. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the intricacies of the power of attorney in UAE, shedding light on its significance and the seamless services it offers, particularly in Dubai.

Understanding the Power of Attorney:

The Power of Attorney, often abbreviated as POA, is a legal document that empowers a designated person or entity, known as the “attorney-in-fact,” to act on behalf of another party, known as the “principal.” This authority can cover a wide array of actions, ranging from managing financial affairs to making legal decisions.

Importance of Power of Attorney in UAE:

1. Facilitating Business Transactions:

In the bustling business hub of Dubai, the POA serves as a linchpin for seamless transactions. Foreign investors, in particular, can designate a local representative to handle various aspects of their business affairs, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation.

2. Navigating Legal Processes:

The UAE’s legal landscape can be intricate, and having a trusted attorney-in-fact can simplify processes like property transactions, court appearances, and other legal proceedings. This is particularly beneficial for expatriates who may not be familiar with local legal intricacies.

3. Real Estate Ventures:

Dubai’s thriving real estate market attracts investors globally. The POA plays a pivotal role in property transactions, following individuals to appoint someone to handle negotiations, contracts, and other related matters on their behalf.

Power of Attorney Services in Dubai:

1. Professional Consultation:

Navigating the legal nuances of a foreign jurisdiction can be daunting. Further, reputable firms in Dubai offer expert consultation services, guiding clients through the process of drafting and executing a Power of attorney tailored to their specific needs.

2. Document Drafting and Notarization:

Crafting a legally sound POA document requires precision. Service providers for power of attorney services in UAE especially ensure that the document is meticulously drafted and duly notarized to meet the legal standards of the UAE.

3. Translation Services:

Given the multicultural environment in Dubai, documents are often required in both Arabic and English. Power of Attorney services extend to professional translation, ensuring that all legal documents are fully comprehensible and valid in the local context.

4. Efficient Submission and Processing:

The bureaucratic processes involved in document submission and processing can be time-consuming. Service providers expedite these procedures, ensuring that your Power of Attorney is recognized promptly and efficiently.

The process of creating Power of Attorney in UAE

In the Emirate of Dubai, obtaining a Power of Attorney is a rather easy process. It is crucial that the Power of Attorney be established in compliance with all applicable laws and your intentions to ensure that the powers specified in the POA are precisely the ones you want to give to your agent or attorney. Any superfluous authority granted to the attorney or agent through a power of attorney may cause complications down the road. Having said that, the following five easy stages can be used to outline the process of creating a power of attorney:

1. Draft a Power of Attorney document.

The power of attorney draft must be completed in English as the first stage. At Wordcraft, we make sure that the power of attorney document is written in line with your ideas and precisely reflects the powers in a way that is approved by the appropriate government departments and third parties. After the draft is ready, it needs to be carefully checked to make sure the powers match your desired outcomes.

2. Translation into Arabic

Having the draft power of attorney translated into Arabic is the second step in the preparation process in Dubai. Wordcraft is providing legal translation in Dubai. A licensed legal translator operating within the Emirate of Dubai is equally required to complete the translation. Furthermore, the power of attorney will not be accepted for signing by the Notary Public in the absence of this translation. We make sure that legal translators with the necessary certification and license from the UAE Ministry of Justice translate the power of attorney.

3. Print the power of attorney in three (3) original copies.

The power of attorney is printed in three (3) original copies and stamped by the legal translators as verification. That the translation was done by qualified legal translators once you have approved the English draft and the legal translation is finished. The Notary Public requires and practices the printing of the power of attorney in three original copies.

4. Using the Notary Public to Sign and Notarize

You will need to go to the nearest notary Public to sign the power of attorney after it has been printed and delivered to you. Then the Notary Public serves as a member of the court and is stationed in several city offices. Depending on your convenience, we can tell you where the closest Notary Public is located. To sign the power of attorney in front of the Notary Public, until you must first receive a token. The Notary Public will then enter a power of attorney into the Dubai Court’s records. Two originals will be returned to you by the Notary Public, and one will be retained for the court files. One original power of attorney should be retained by you, and one original should be given to your attorney for the pertinent years.

5. The cost should be paid to the Public Notary

For both general and special powers of attorney, the Emirati Notary Public must receive a government fee. This cost must be paid in person before the notary public when the power of attorney is signed.

Anyone preparing a power of attorney in Dubai for the first time could find the preceding procedure a little confusing generally. Wordcraft is here to assist you in completing the process of drafting and signing a power of attorney in Dubai as quickly and effectively as possible.


In the intricate web of legalities, the Power of Attorney services in UAE emerges as a potent tool furthermore. By offering individuals and businesses the flexibility and convenience needed to thrive in this dynamic environment. The services legal translation in Dubai available make the entire process streamlined and accessible evidently. By enabling both residents and foreign investors to navigate the legal landscape with confidence. Embrace the Power of Attorney and unlock a world of possibilities in the heart of the Middle East’s business hub.

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