Equivalency Certificate in UAE

The procedure in which the UAE Ministry of Education (MOE) approves the educational qualification and certifies that the education meets UAE standards is known as equivalency certification. The equivalency attestation goes through several steps in the document-issued country and further inside the UAE (where the document is intended to be used). The candidates who need to obtain an Equivalency Certificate in UAE must adhere to a complex process to have their degree officially attested before they can apply.

Required documents for equivalency of Intermediate Diploma and Bachelor’s Degree

  • Attested Graduate Certificate and transcript
  • Transferred hours transcript in each institute (if the transferred hours were 15 hours or above)
  • Genuine Certificate (Authenticity of the qualification)
  • Legal translation of the certificate or transcript (if the certificate is other than in Arabic or English)
  • Attested High School certificate
  • Attendance in the country of study (Passport or residence proof)

Postgraduate or Higher degree

  • Attested Graduate Certificate and transcript
  • Copy of transcript in each institute (if the transferred hours were 15 hours or above)
  • Genuine Certificate (Authenticity of the qualification)
  • Legal translation of certificate or transcript required when it is other than Arabic or English languages
  • Attested bachelor’s degree
  • Preceding equivalency
  • Attendance in the country of study (passport and proof of residence)
  • An official letter validates the starting date of your graduation
  • College name and Major (If it is not mentioned in the certificate)
  • If the college name and major are not mentioned in the certificate need an official letter validating the name and major by the awarding university

Reasons for Rejecting Equivalency Certificate in UAE

  • Required documents or information not successfully provided.
  • Documents about online education or distance education.
  • Mismatch of the information on the passport with the information on the educational records.
  • Also, when the university is not duly recognized by the MOE.
  • Supporting documentation, such as a letter of Genuinely, and entry and exit status not provided.

How to Get Equivalency Certificate in UAE?

Getting an equivalency certificate in UAE involves some procedures both in the issued country and UAE. Also, the applications may be rejected If any required document or any required information is not provided. Presently, Wordcraft helps you to get your Equivalency Certificate for Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, and all other emirates in the UAE. We are available 24*7 hours for all sorts of your queries, free of cost, and with quick delivery services all over the UAE. Additionally, we guarantee that your documents will be treated securely and confidentially during the entire process.

Ministry of Justice Attestation Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE

Any Document issued from outside the UAE and will be used for official purposes inside the country must be duly attested by all concerned authorities abroad before submitting it before the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs to attest them to be used inside the country. Also, any document issued by a UAE government entity and intended to be used outside the UAE must be duly attested by the entity issuing it, then the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs then the embassy of the country in which it will be used further.

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