One of the world’s most alluring nations for businesses is the United Arab Emirates. A new business established in Dubai will benefit from a plethora of advantages, including a high standard of living, the ability to access international markets, a tax-free financial climate for both personal and corporate incomes, and a system of business-friendly laws and visa regulations.

It is legally necessary to possess one of the four primary categories of trade licenses in Dubai to conduct business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The Department of Economic Development (DED) of the government in Dubai is responsible for issuing the initial clearance; each Emirate has its own set of protocols. 

Four Types of Trade Licenses in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

A trade license according to the firm type, industry, and commercial activity is needed when establishing a business entity in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This is true for international businesses establishing operations in free zones. The four most popular forms of Dubai trade licenses that are offered to Free Zone enterprises are as follows:

  • Commercial License
  • Professional License
  • Industrial License
  • Freelancer’s Permit

Commercial License

The general trade license or company license are other names for the commercial license. In Dubai’s Free Zones, it is the most often requested and granted form of commercial license. Businesses engaged in trade and commerce in Dubai and the UAE are eligible for this sort of license. These operations typically involve trading in goods and commodities, exporting, and importing products. Companies operating in Dubai’s Free Zones are protected and regulated by the Commercial License. This makes a company eligible for a range of industry-specific business support programs, including trade incentives tailored to a company’s industry, financial support, and startup incubators.

A business owner can choose from a range of business company formation and registration kinds. One of the advantages of obtaining a commercial license for business operations in Dubai is that the license holder can conduct up to ten commercial and trade activities under one commercial license.

The Commercial License makes it easier for license holders to create corporate bank accounts and allows for more affordable trade license renewals in the United Arab Emirates. License holders can also apply for residency permits for staff members and company management.

Professional License

The purpose of the professional license, a trade license is to enable qualified individuals to work in particular fields of competence. Service-oriented businesses like business consulting, operating management services, IT services, engineering skills, lawyers, mechanics, doctors, and other medical and healthcare providers, as well as accounting and auditing service providers, are the target market for this type of trade license.

Obtaining a professional license has several benefits.

  • annual fixed fees for business operations
  • information about client transparency for particular services and sectors
  • Employee visas can be applied for by holders of professional licenses.

There are times when the operations of service-oriented businesses can be approved for both professional and commercial licenses.

Industrial License

Businesses that produce and manufacture new goods from natural or raw materials are eligible for an industrial license. This covers the production of goods as well as the food, textile, engine, and equipment industries. A business must operate from an office address, such as a real office building, real warehouse, or real industrial complex inside a Dubai Free Zone, in order to be eligible for this sort of trade license.

You will also be granted operating, tax, and customs rights with the issuance of your industrial license by the DED (Department of Economic Development), subject to the following requirements:

  • Your business manufactures products meant for domestic market usage.
  • You could export your items outside of the UAE to compete with imported goods and generate new revenue.
  • The business is located in a designated industrial development zone.
  • The business manufactures using locally sourced raw materials.
  • Your business has a favorable effect on the UAE market.

Freelancer’s Permit

The opportunity to work as a freelance professional is provided by the Freelance license. With the Permit, you can operate using your birth name instead of a brand name and be recognized as a lone practitioner.

In the United Arab Emirates, freelancing has several advantages.

  • Effective time management as well as self-management
  • Capacity to Manage Workload
  • pursuing your interests
  • Taking pleasure in prolonged vacations
  • Taking charge of your own destiny
  • freedom to go around and reside anyplace
  • getting a visa to live in the UAE
  • supporting your family

The United Arab Emirates is a great place to begin your freelance career because it is among the safest nations in the world. More than 60% of UAE citizens, according to research, would think about freelancing if given the chance.

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