Medical Translation Services in UAE

Medical Translation Services in UAE involves translating a variety of medical records including clinical documents, devices, marketing, regulatory, technical documentation, training materials for the healthcare industry, and materials for the pharmaceutical or medical device industries. It is highly required in clinical trials for getting understood by patients, local practitioners, and regulatory organization representatives.

Medical translator requirements

Given that it deals with information and documents that may have an impact on a person’s health and well-being. Medical Translation Service in UAE requires a high level of efficiency and quality. If the doctor or nurse cannot communicate with the patient effectively or the patient is unable to share symptoms with them will affect the reamendment and health. So, we focused on the customer’s specific needs and offer on-time translation services with professional supervision with high quality and preserved medical term content without missing or misleading.

No.1 Medical Translation Company in UAE

Wordcraft is one of the best Medical translation companies in UAE that hosts 150+languages translations, medical records, documents, instructional materials for medicines, equipment, datasheets, clinical trials, clinical protocols, production manuals, quality of life measures, articles from scientific journals and publications, toxicology reports, and more translations from Arabic to English, vice versa or any other languages.

We Provide Medical Translation For:

  • Clinics
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Practitioners
  • Medical Equipment
  • Pharmaceutical Firms
  • Companies That Use Biotechnology
  • Clinical Research Papers
  • Healthcare Professionals

Steps involve:

  • Extract the content and medical terms from the document. Without missing any relevant data and translate it into the required languages.
  • After translation, an editor will evaluate it. This is to make sure the translator adhered to the medical terminology agreed upon by the client or the industry.
  • The editor examine if the style and voice match those of the original text.
  • Translation should return to its original format after editor had reviewed and approved it.
    • The proofreader will examine the content. That should be clear and uncorrupted, that page breaks are made properly, and that suitable punctuation is used.
    • The final review will be by one native speaker of the targeted language. To check the requirements are met or not.
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