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Interpretation Service in UAE

By utilizing the expertise of a team of trained interpreters, interpretation services operate as a verbal translation service. To translate speeches, presentations, discussions, and other spoken languages into the native or preferred language of a specific audience, interpretation services are used.

Importance of Interpretation

Sometimes, if your foreign investor or client requests a face-to-face meeting or conference, a written translation is not effective enough. There must be times when you realize you need to organize a conference to convey your message globally. You would be willing to introduce products to people who are from other countries and speak different languages. You will require interpretation services whether you are planning a business event, business conference, business dinner, exhibition, conference, etc.
By offering translation services to your audience, you may almost eliminate language barriers and provide information more quickly while allowing them to understand the speech’s context. For example, participants of a presentation can watch visuals or slideshows the interpreter can give explanations for those slides. Wordcraft translation services help you with Interpretation Services in UAE with a wide range of topics in every major language.

The five main categories of interpretation that companies need to be aware of are listed below.
a. Consecutive Interpreting: Speakers will speak for up to five minutes or more during consecutive interpretation. The interpreter listens actively, analyses the content and then reproduces what the speaker has said in the target language.
b. Simultaneous Interpreting: A speech break is not necessary for simultaneous interpretation to translate into the target language. Simultaneous interpreting, which often occurs with a delay of 30 seconds or less, is used to interpret the speech as it is being spoken.
c. Whisper Interpreting: The interpreters will sit with a person or group
requiring interpretive services and whispering in their respective languages to facilitate communication across language barriers. It uses whisper sound technology to communicate with a group of people close to the speaker.
d. Travel Interpreting: Interpretation can offer dedicated interpreting services everywhere for people or specific groups who need them during a foreign trip or other occasions.
e. Phone Interpreting: When requested, phone translating can be set up quickly and almost anywhere in the world because it is conducted over the phone.

Interpretation Translation Service in UAE

Wordcraft provides professional translating and Interpretation services in UAE. The language experts at Wordcraft, who are well versed in simultaneous, consecutive, and conference interpretation, are always available to assist corporate businesses, event organizers in UAE and individuals, and small and big companies with their interpretation requirements. We also offer services to those looking for reliable interpretation companies in Dubai, hosting a business meeting, planning a conference, workshop, or seminar, or requiring consecutive or simultaneous interpreters in Dubai with accuracy without misleading. We also have an Interpretation translation service in Arabic, English, and many other languages.

  • Our interpreting service team has the verbal and interpersonal abilities required to interpret conferences and meetings accurately.
  • Whatever the meeting or event is, they are familiar with the topic.
  • When necessary, they guarantee the meeting’s details’ confidentiality.
  • They hire someone to represent the client who is well-groomed, polite, cultured, friendly, and fluent in the language.
  • They are unbiased; their personal or religious convictions will not influence their work.
  • They are well knowledgeable about both the source and target languages’ cultures.
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