Trademark Registration in UAE

Every business must have a Trademark Registration in UAE. There are not one or two benefits to having it! A trademark brings your employees, customers, and the business’s bottom line together to make way for success! When you have a trademark for your company, it is so easy to find you in the market! This gives your business more recognition and enhances your customer base. More than anything, trademarks are like gold; it is the most valuable asset you can have. The value of your trademark will only increase with your brand reputation.

Trademark Registration in UAE with the Ministry of Economy

The first and foremost process to protect the brand in the UAE is to register a trademark with the UAE Ministry of Economy by applying with the trademark office. Apart from that few are aware of the recording of a trademark with Dubai customs and Intellectual Property Protection services launched by Dubai Economy. Many businesses think registering a trademark with the UAE Ministry of Economy and getting a trademark certificate will protect their brands from being copied and sold in the grey market. No, that is not sufficient. Once the trademark certificate is issued in UAE, brand owners should register their brands with the UAE Customs and Dubai Economy for further protection.

Why Trademark Protection through Customs is Important?

Ensuring the protection of intellectual property rights is as important as setting up or expanding a business. Companies that are well aware of the importance of brand identity invest heavily in all forms of intellectual property rights protection. The UAE has put in place effective trademark laws to secure the rights of brand owners. However, once the trademark becomes an asset after registration with the trademark office, it becomes vulnerable to infringement from competitors.

The trademark infringement would hurt the brand identity and business prospects of the companies. The recording of the trademark with the customs authorities would enable the brand owners to enforce their intellectual property rights. Trademark Registration in UAE with the customs departments of the respective emirate will ensure that the goods that infringed the trademarks would not enter the UAE.


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