Educational Certificates

Educational Certificates Attestation in UAE The educational certificate, also known as an academic document, is typically used to validate the candidate’s studies. This educational certificates attestation is widely used by every country to verify the candidates’ educational backgrounds. This is mostly used for the issuance of professional visas for immigrants. Importance of Academic Certificates Attestation… Continue reading Educational Certificates

Marriage Certificate

Marriage Certificate Attestation in UAE The marriage certificate is a record/certificate that is created and provided by the public or government department to validate that the couple’s names, the location of the wedding, the date of the wedding, and other data listed in the certificate are accurate and the marriage is recognized as legal by… Continue reading Marriage Certificate

Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate Attestation in UAE The birth certificate attestation in UAE validates that, the specified birth certificate issued by that mentioned authorized department, Seal, date, details, and signature on that birth certificate is authentic. Generally, a birth certificate is mandatory to get a resident visa. For a newborn child, the birth certificate needs to get… Continue reading Birth Certificate

Medical Certificates

Medical Certificates and Reports Attestation in UAE A Medical certificate attestation in UAE, also known as a sick leave attestation, is a legal document that you can present to your employer as proof that you were absent from work for a period because of an illness for which you had received treatment at a hospital… Continue reading Medical Certificates

Degree Certificate

Degree Certificate Attestation in UAE Degree Certificate Attestation in UAE is an essential step in obtaining an employment visa in UAE. Your employment visa will be issued in the UAE, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, or Kuwait with only attested credentials. Your document will be forwarded to several government departments to finish up the attestation… Continue reading Degree Certificate

Diploma Certificates

Diploma Certificates Attestation in UAE Universities or other educational institutions will issue a diploma certificate, to certify that a student has completed a diploma course. A government official stamp on your graduation certificate is authenticated throughout the attestation process to validate that all the details are accurate and honest so they can be used abroad.… Continue reading Diploma Certificates

Death Certificates

Death Certificates Attestation in UAE The Death Certificate Attestation in UAE also confirms that the details in the certificate are valid, it is issued by the mentioned authorized department, and the seal and signatures are authentic. In the UAE, it must be attested by authorized persons, departments, or agencies to include their official stamps and… Continue reading Death Certificates


UK Certificate Attestation in UAE If you are a resident of the UK seeking employment, property investment, business setup, or family visa in UAE. Generally, a UK Certificate Attestation in UAE is mandatory. It may consume a lot of time and undergo several procedures. There may be met more chances for errors or delays during… Continue reading UK


USA Certificates Attestation in UAE USA resident who intends to settle in Dubai, invest in properties, pursues their education, etc. shall have their documents attested duly to meet these goals. Most of a person’s certificates would typically need to be certified to be validated if they were moving from the USA to the UAE. Almost… Continue reading USA

Indian Certificate

Indian Certificates Attestation in UAE Are you looking for a job or settled in Dubai? Any of your documents issued from outside the UAE shall be duly attested from your home country and then legalized by the UAE Embassy in India for obtaining an employment visa, labor card, resident visa, family visa, etc. Do you… Continue reading Indian Certificate