Legal Translation

Legal Translation service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Ras Al Khaimah, UAE Wordcraft is one of the best Legal Translation Services in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah and all over the UAE. Legal translation in UAE is the process of translating a paper or document into another language while maintaining its legal context and intent.… Continue reading Legal Translation

Interpretation Translation

Interpretation Service in UAE By utilizing the expertise of a team of trained interpreters, interpretation services in UAE operate as a verbal translation service. To translate speeches, presentations, discussions, and other spoken languages into the native or preferred language of a specific audience, interpretation services are used. Importance of Interpretation Sometimes, if your foreign investor… Continue reading Interpretation Translation

Technical Translation

Technical Translation Services in UAE We offer a wide range of Technical Translation Services in UAE for different materials, including owner’s manuals, user guides, product descriptions and instructions, legal disclaimers, and more. With a team of expert in-house linguists, we have the particular skill set and knowledge required to adapt content produced by technical writers… Continue reading Technical Translation

Medical Translation

Medical Translation Services in UAE Medical Translation Services in UAE involves translating a variety of medical records including clinical documents, devices, marketing, regulatory, technical documentation, training materials for the healthcare industry, and materials for the pharmaceutical or medical device industries. It is highly required in clinical trials for getting understood by patients, local practitioners, and… Continue reading Medical Translation

Financial Translation

Financial Translation Service in Dubai, UAE Wordcraft provides the best Financial Translation Service in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and all over UAE through around 150+ languages. Professionals with qualifications in the financial sector are essential to bringing in accuracy and subject-oriented specificity differing in various languages. At Wordcraft, we meet these requirements and deliver Financial… Continue reading Financial Translation

Software Localization

Professional Software localization Services in UAE Software localization services are the adaption of software, product, or service for specific users who speak languages other than the targeted language. A perfectly translated software or app product has the appearance and feel of one that was created specifically for the target market. Other than the languages software… Continue reading Software Localization

Scientific Translation

Scientific Translation Services in UAE Scientific translation service involves translating scientific documents like research, academic articles, the results of clinical trials, scientific texts, and documents containing important study findings, investigations, and more into any language. The majority of scientific writing uses difficult terms. Additionally, they mostly use highly specific terminology. Additionally, the themes could be… Continue reading Scientific Translation

Sworn Translation

Professional Sworn Translation Service UAE A sworn translation service is the officially accepted translation by a sworn translator. Legal authority is appointing a Sworn translator. It is necessary when translated documents are used for government or legal requirements. Some documents must be accepted in legal contexts in UAE. They are Birth certificates, academic transcripts, or… Continue reading Sworn Translation

Certified Translation

Best Certified Translation Services in UAE Certified translation services are provided by translators who have been authorized by the government and who officially validate, sign, or notarize translations of official documents. The certified translation company or linguist must be signed and stamped to validate the document translation. Why it is important? All legal paperwork, such… Continue reading Certified Translation

Website Localisation

Website Localization Services in UAE What is website localization? The practice of adapting website content to the needs and preferences of users in a particular geographic area is known as website localization. It is all about adapting images, formats, dates and times, graphics, etc. into the targeted language by ensuring it is culturally and technically… Continue reading Website Localisation